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Swimming Pool Heaters – A way to extend the use 365 days a year!

Swimming pool heaters are a great way to keep your pool usable during all outdoor temperatures. Simply increase the heat in the cooler weather, and turn it down during the warmer months. A swimming pool heater will also keep your swimming pool system functioning properly, as damage can occur if the drainage pipes and water supply pipes get too cold. This could cause them to burst. Proper use of a swimming pool heater will allow you and your family to enjoy your swimming pool throughout the year.

Swimming Pool Heaters

Swimming Pool Heaters

There are many types of swimming pool heaters available for your in the ground swimming pool. Solar pool heaters are very inexpensive and work well if you live in an area that receives sufficient amounts of sunlight on a regular basis. You will need to pay for the installation of the solar panels but after that, there will be no ongoing cost as sunlight is free! This method of heating swimming pools is the most widely used method of allocating solar heat. The most popular manufacturer of solar pool heaters is Raypack.

Solar pool heaters work by using a uniquely built plate collector. The plate is designed to absorb solar energy to heat your pool. It also prevents moisture from building up. There are slots in the plate to offset the effects of very strong winds. This type of swimming pool heater can be used on both in the ground and above ground pools.

Gas pool heaters provide a great alternative to electric heaters. They are a quality product and are very energy efficient. A gas pool heater will rapidly raise the temperature of your swimming pool, cutting the wait time in half for it to be comfortable. Electric swimming pool heaters are available from most retailers. They are efficient and have a long life. However, they cost more than most other pool heaters and will raise the cost of your electric bill depending on how often the heater is used.

Propane pool heaters are recommended when you don’t anticipate having to heat your pool on a regular basis. They are very effective, but also very expensive to operate. They are great for heating your pool quickly when you want to use it, but not recommended for use when you continually need the swimming pool to be heated.

Swimming pool heaters help keep your swimming pool comfortable to use with the varying outside temperatures. Before purchasing one, take the time to compare the benefits of each, the cost, and the types of uses each is recommended for. Other areas you will want to consider include the warranty on the heater, the life expectancy of the product, and installation. Some retailers will have the heater installed for you while others will require you to do it yourself. This is a very important issue to consider before making a purchase. This will help you make a pool heater purchase that you are happy with, letting you enjoy your swimming pool without having to worry about the temperature.

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