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Pool Draining Services

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Periodic draining of pool water is a maintenance practice that is carried out to remove water that has become hard or packed with excessive minerals, in order to perform required repairs to some pool.

At Aquazul you can choose from a wide variety of Pool Draining Services:

  • Pool Draining – No additional charges if the pool is clear and clean of debris – prices from $150.00
  • Drain and Clean with Spa – Prices from $500.00
  • Drain and Clean without Spa – Prices from $450.00
    • Service includes Drain pool, cleanup, chlorine wash, and filter cleaning. Any parts replacement are additional.

We also provide Drain and Acid Wash Pool Cleaning Services:

  • Drain and Acid Wash With Spa – Prices from $550.00
  • Drain and Acid Wash without Spa – Prices from $500.00
    • Service includes Drain pool, cleanup, acid wash, and filter cleaning.

Additional Weekly services plan Chemical information

  • Monthly cost covers all chemicals including liquid chlorine, chlorine tabs, muriatic acid, Sodium Bicarbonate (Soda Ash).
  • Not included is salt, phosphate remover, stain and scale preventative and algaecide treatments, or anything that would be used to correct water chemistry due to circumstances beyond our control, such as weather (heat, winds, etc.)

    5 star review  Our pool needed emergency service and we were very fortunate to have found Yuri who came highly recommended from our neighbor. He was able to turn our neglected pool into crystal clear blue pool in a week. My experience with Yuri is this: He is an honest professional who charges reasonable rates. He is extremely knowledgeable and is also a great teacher. He showed me how my filter and salt system worked and gave me some guidelines on how to properly maintain the pool during the summer and winter months. Yuri treated my pool as if it was his. Pool maintenance is hard work, and Yuri is the man to do it. It is his passion. I highly recommend Yuri.

    thumb Fabian Lou
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