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When the algae starts to smear the entire surface of your pool; when the dead bugs are so many you can’t swim in a straight line without hitting any; when the leaves have piled up in layers at one corner; when the slime and grime are so thick your feet slip on the pool’s bottom, then it’s time for pool cleaning from Aquazul Pool Services.

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Pool Maintenance


A swimming pool is a major investment. Protect yours with a pool maintenance package from Aquazul Pool Services. As an established Las Vegas, NV business, we service pools of all makes and sizes. From seasonal inspections to more extensive maintenance, we have the tools and experience necessary to keep your pool looking its best. And by investing in pool maintenance, you'll be lowering your chances of encountering a major issue with your pool when you want to use it the most.

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Pool Repair


A great pool is like a vacation right in your own backyard. Nothing is more enjoyable on a hot day than being able to step out your door and into the cooling waters of a beautiful swimming pool.
A broken pool, on the other hand, is like having a polluted pond adjacent to your house, and nothing is more disappointing when you just want to cool off with a refreshing swim.
At Aquazul Pool Services, we understand how much you cherish your pool. That's why we serve Las Vegas, NV with terrific pool repair services. Our team of experienced pool specialists is eager to restore your pool back to proper working order, so you and the kids can swim again.

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We provide effective, trustworthy, and expert pool upkeep together with complimentary quotes and on-site examinations of both business and property pool and medspas. From swimming pool cleansing to a complete chemical treatment or chemical supply service to swimming pool repair work and offering swimming pool materials, we have the experience to satisfy all your swimming pool and health spa requirements.

We are devoted to offering high quality, reputable, effective, and customized service to all of our customers, both huge and little. As a household owned and run a business, our focus is to supply our customers with custom-made pool upkeep and swimming pool cleansing options that will offer you years of delighted, healthy, and hassle-free swimming pool ownership.

Our objective is to offer top quality pool upkeep and swimming pool repair work with a useful and friendly mindset while supplying quality swimming pool materials at inexpensive costs. We ensure your fulfillment and service when you desire it! We have actually been here to serve our customers for over 15 years and we will be here for several years to come.

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