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Swimming Pool Acid Washing

Acid washing service is an affordable route to take in order to increase the cosmetic appearance Acid Wash Pool Serviceof your pool area. When a pool is chemical p washed, the lake is drained out of it and also the acid/water mixture is very carefully put over the plaster, where it is scoured into the surface area. By doing this, the particular acid mixture burns a very slight coating of the plaster away from, improving the complete and getting rid of superficial and also shallow discoloration. It is a fantastic way to make your pool look renewed again.

On our preliminary visit to your premises, we will properly assess whether or not your swimming pool should be acid washed. Stuff that we look regarding is plaster tiredness, rebar stains, calcium, and general plaster condition. If the pool is a good candidate and also suitable for an acid clean, we neutralize the pool chemical compounds, drain the swimming pool with our submersible pump motor, acid rinse and clean the pool and also tile line, refill, adding conditioner and also balancing the substances. The cost for this service depends on the size and also condition of the pool, as well as whether or not the filtration is split down.

Additional information about our Acid Wash:

  • No additional charges if the pool water is clear and clean of debris.
  • Service includes: Drain the pool, clean up, acid wash, filter cleaning and rebalance chemicals.
  • Any parts replacement are additional.


Swimming Pool Acid Washing
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Acid Washing Supplies Needed to Swimming pool maintenance:

  • Garden hose to reach all areas of the pool much faster, with a nozzle.
  • Pool pumps and discharge hose for draining pool and wastewater
  • 10-20 gallons of acid, depending on swimming pool size and severity of staining
  • Flower Watering can, for pouring acid
  • Soda Ash to neutralize acid, 2 lbs for each gallon of acid used
  • Safety goggles or you can use an acid safety mask
  • Screwdriver or tools to remove main drain parts
  • Chisel and pliers to remove hydrostatic relief plugs
  • A good helper that can work fast

Chlorine is an important chemical that allows you to transform your Inground pool into a modern-day convenience. This chemical kills bacteria and algae that can be harmful to humans, and which are the cause of pool repair needs. When you get near a swimming pool, the first thing you smell is chlorine. At times, when you enter the pool, you may feel a slight burning sensation in your eyes because of the chlorine and Ph Level.

Why Chlorine is Important for Your Swimming pool and spa?

The importance of using chlorine in your pool can’t be overstated. Although it can irritate your eyes/skin and have an overpowering smell, chlorine is very important in keeping your chemical balance of spa and pool bacteria-free. There are several chlorine-free pool options available out there. However, most pool owners depend on chlorine to maintain healthy and clean swimming pools. Without chlorine, your pool may turn into a disgusting green swamp covered with slimy substances.

Chlorine is extremely important in preventing the formation of algae, scales and cloudy water. Also, it prevents the growth of harmful bacteria. Algae, scales, cloudy water and bacteria can lead to diseases, costly pool repairs, and poor swimming conditions. For these reasons, a pool owner would want to have chlorine for his/her pool.

How Chlorine Cleans Your Pool

Chlorine kills bacteria in your pool through a simple chemical reaction. Once you add chlorine into your pool, the chemical breaks down several chemicals after hitting the water. These chemicals include hypochlorite ion and hypochlorous acid. These two chemicals destroy lipids, cell walls, and enzymes in microorganisms and bacteria. As a result, harmful bacteria and microorganisms are oxidized and rendered harmless. Hypochlorite ion and hypochlorous acid work at different speeds when cleaning your pool. The hypochlorous acid takes a few seconds to kill bacteria while the Hypochlorite ion takes several minutes (at times 30 minutes).

Possible Side Effects
Although chlorine is very effective in killing harmful contaminants in your pool, it can have side effects that are awful and harmful if administered incorrectly. Chlorine has a unique smell that most people find awful and overwhelming. This pool cleaning chemical can also cause itchiness and irritation on your skin and eyes. The Hypochlorite ion can cause fading in your swimsuit or other clothing if not rinsed immediately. This is the reason why swimsuits look worn and faded during summer. You should always rinse your swimsuit immediately after you exit the pool. If the levels of chlorine gas are extremely high in your pool, you may have breathing problems while swimming.
Some firms have developed several alternatives to chlorine. However, these cleaning alternatives cannot rival the effectiveness, low price and oxidation levels offered by chlorine. You should hire professional pool cleaning services to administer pool chemicals. These professionals know the proper chlorine levels that should be maintained in your pool. If you administer too little chlorine in your pool, you will be allowing harmful bacteria to thrive. If you add too much, you will compromise your health. This is why it is advisable to hire a professional from our company in Las Vegas, Nevada. We have skilled pool cleaners who know how to clean and maintain the right levels of chlorine in your commercial or residential pool.
Now that you’ve got a better understanding of the importance of chlorine, check out which pump is right for you and your particular pool’s needs.

Pool Acid Washing

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