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What Is An Acid Wash?

Acid Wash

Aquazul Pool Services provides Las Vegas homeowners with acid washes to restore your pool to its natural beauty. When it comes to acid washes, no other pool cleaning service in Las Vegas can beat the level of service, professionalism, and affordable rates offered by Aquazul Pool Services. Some companies offer a lower level quick service, use cheap products that don’t work as well, or can even damage your swimming pool permanently. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your pool. Experience the Aquazul Pool Services difference.

How Often Should An Acid Wash Be Done?

An acid wash essentially strips the top thin layer of pool plaster and any minor mineral buildup that has embedded into that top layer. Since this procedure removes a layer of plaster, we recommend against making it an annual procedure. If performed by someone inexperienced or improperly trained, and incorrectly performed procedure can do tremendous damage to your pool. A small number of careful acid washes are understandable. Please consult a professional pool cleaning service such an Aquazul Pool Services for recommendations and suggestions.

How Do I Know If I Need An Acid Wash?

Typically this procedure is needed if your pool was not winterized properly, or if it has been stagnant for long periods of time and algae has taken root. If you have persistent algae growth, an acid wash can help. If your pool water looks green, black, or it has algae stains – it is probably a strong indicator that you will need this procedure to be performed. Some clients have this procedure performed simply because they prefer a brighter whiter finish to their pool. Aquazul Pool Services has the training and experience needed to guarantee a safe acid wash that won’t damage your swimming pool.

What Is An Acid Wash?

You can think of an acid wash like a chemical peel for your pool. This procedure requires that we drain your pool in order to spray a diluted solution of acid on its surface. This solution strips the top layer of plaster and reveals the dazzling fresh layer underneath. We scrub and detail your swimming pool when it’s drained to make sure all of the algae, dirt, and debris are removed. After the deep cleaning process is completed, we add start-up chemicals back into the freshwater, and you will have a sparkling clean swimming pool ready for use. Let us rejuvenate the look of your swimming pool, no matter if it’s a traditional chlorine pool or a saltwater pool – we can help.

Call The Las Vegas Acid Washing Professionals

It requires knowledge and experience to provide acid washing without causing any damage to swimming pools. Aquazul Pool Services uses only the safest and industry-tested techniques to perform this procedure in Las Vegas. Call Aquazul Pool Services if you have any questions regarding our service, or would like to schedule acid washing or deep pool cleaning today.

What Is An Acid Wash?

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