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How to Choose Your Pool Cleaning Plan?

Swimming Pool Cleaning Service

Aquazul Pool Services is a professional swimming pool cleaning company serving Las Vegas, Henderson, and surrounding areas. We offer different cleaning service plans to accommodate how often each client needs pool cleaning. We clean your pool professionally with the most effective equipment at affordable rates. We have built a positive reputation for timeliness, quality service, affordability, and reliability throughout the Las Vegas Valley. When dealing with Aquazul Pool Services, you can rest assured that your pool’s health is in excellent hands.

Choose Your Pool Cleaning Plan

We have several plans to offer based on how often you will need your pool cleaned. If you do not use your pool very often and want to schedule single service, we offer a time pool cleaning service.

If you need your pool cleaned more often, but usually take care of your pool yourself, we offer quarterly service to prep for summer. We also winterize your pool to ensure it is ready for the colder winter months. This service is four times a year to balance things for the drastically different pool temperatures that go along with the seasons changing.

If you don’t want to worry about buying your own chemicals or dealing with cleaning debris or scrubbing your pool yourself, you will want to choose our weekly service. This includes either the “chemicals only” option or we also offer weekly full-service cleaning. Regardless of your budget, we have a swimming pool service plan for you.

Salt Water & Chlorine Service

Chlorinated pools need chlorine tablets or powder to maintain an algae-free environment. We recommend against using cheaper tablets since they do not last as long and can cause “scumming” on the tile and surfaces of your pool. Our pool cleaning technicians can provide the necessary chemicals and testing needed to ensure the proper chemical balance in your chlorinated pool. We also maintain phosphate levels and conditioner levels.

Saltwater pools require a conditioner and regular cell maintenance. Salt and conditioner are traditionally added in the spring by trained technicians. There are extra fees for adding higher quality pool salt and conditioner to bring the pool up to the proper levels. In addition, we provided cell cleanings, which are needed about twice a year, at an additional cost.

Las Vegas Pool Cleaning Rates

Our prices are in line with the average cost pool owners can expect. Our weekly service rates range from $150-$200 per month depending on the size of your pool. This includes brushing tile, skimming the surface, removing debris from your pool or spa, brushing the walls of the pool, checking and cleaning the catcher baskets, and checking the water for proper chemical balance and sanitation.

We also clean the pool filter once a year. We make sure to inspect the pump and equipment for any noticeable issues. We will inspect salt cells; backwash and recharging filter and add chemicals as needed. There are occasionally extra costs for additional one-time services.

If you require a swimming pool cleaning service, have any questions regarding any of our services, or would like to request a quote for pool cleaning service, please feel free to contact Aquazul Pool Services in Las Vegas. Let us put our experience to work for you.

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